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Uk is one of the most preferred choices for students to study abroad. It attracts millions of international students across the globe. The UK stands 3rd in the list of converting international students after Canada and the USA. UK is famous for its quality education, accommodating more than 150 best universities, and having quality research methods and curriculum to brighten your future!

Study in UK: Overview

India has contributed to the UK ‘s international student ratio. The UK is considered one of the top choices of education for international students. The UK manages to mark its name on a global level.

Why Study in the UK?

Remarking its globally reputed quality education position, the UK gives you many other reasons to choose it. Its diverse population and excellent work culture help the aspirants to get a brighter future. We are here to provide you various factors which will give you the reason to study in the UK :

  • The UK is blessed with many top-rank Internationally Recognised Universities. According to QS World University Rankings, the UK is blessed with the top 4 universities globally.
  • It provides you a two-year stay back after completion of the course so you can explore the job opportunities to apply for jobs or for completing your Master’s degree.
  • Provides short duration courses which will be economical and reduce accommodation expenses.
  • Offers Lower Tuition Fee as compared to other European countries.
  • Excellence in research and skills
  • The UK provides Scholarships and Financial Aid to the students, and it also offers 100% financial aid on your tuition fee.
  • It provides plenty of Job Opportunities and supportive work culture.

Which Course is Best to Study in the UK?

The country offers a wide range of courses, from STEM programs to humanities and many more. The best thing about the courses in the UK is that they provide more than a thousand short-duration courses.

Some of the popular courses which you need to know if you are thinking to study in the UK are enlisted below :

1) MBA
  • University: London School of Business
  • Course Duration: 15 to 21 months


2) Civil Engineering
  • University: Imperial College
  • Course Duration :3 years


3) Masters (MS) in Law
  • University: University of Cambridge
  • Course Duration : 3 years


4) Medicine
  • University: University of Oxford
  • Course Duration: 5 to 6 years


5) Computer Science
  • University: University of Oxford
  • Course Duration : 3 years
6) MS in Psychology
  • University: University of Oxford
  • Course Duration : 3 years
7) Education
  • University: Durham University
  • Course Duration : 3 years
8) Masters (MS) in Architecture
  • University: University of Cambridge
  • Course Duration : 3 years

 Application Process to Study in the UK

We have provided some simple steps which will help you with a step by step application procedure for the UK :

  1. Do proper research before choosing any institutes and courses and check their eligibility criteria to find out whether you meet them or not.
  2. You must show proof of your Financial condition. According to UK visa requirements, the applicant must have a minimum fund of 12,180 GBP in the applicant’s account.
  3. Plan and organize your document before meeting the deadlines. It is suggested to Plan Your application 2 months in advance to avoid any hassle.
  4. Apply through the UCAS portal and wait for your application confirmation.
  5. Once you receive the confirmation, reach the nearest British embassy and Apply for a Tier 4 General student visa in the UK.

Some Basic Requirements to Study in the UK

  • Apply for your desired course at the UCAS portal.
  • The application fee for one course is 20 GBP and will increase to 26 GBP per additional course choice.
  • Student visa, SOP & LOR are some basic requirements to move forward to study in the UK.
  • It requires an IELTS score of 6.0-6.5 for ug students and 6.5 to 7.0 for postgraduates applicants.

Deadlines to Apply For Study in the UK?

The different courses will have other deadlines in institutes of the UK. So you need to keep track of different deadlines according to the course of your choice. All the applications are required to be submitted to the UCAS portal by the first week of September. The notification for confirmation from the college comes approximately in the 2nd week of April.

Cost of Studying in the UK

The cost of studying in the UK will depend on various expenses other than tuition fees. It will include accommodation, travel, food expenses and more. Let’s have a look at each of them:

 Tuition fees

The tuition fee will depend on the choice of course and university :

  • Undergraduate level -10,500 to 25,500 GBP
  • Postgraduate Level -14,092 GBP
  • Doctoral Level -14,000 to 25,000 GBP

The tuition fee will increase if you choose courses related to medicine and medicine.

Cost of Accommodation & Other Expense
  • Accommodation & Food : 700-800 GBP
  • Bills (electric/ gas/ water): 40-50 GBP
  • Clothes and Leisure : 35-45 GBP
  • Books : 20-30 GBP
  • Travel : 30 GBP
  • Visa Application Fee :350 GBP

UK scholarship

There are a plethora of scholarships provided to international students in the UK. Some of them are enlisted below :

Chevening Scholarships: It is available for Master’s applicants, and you can obtain 700 GBP/ annum as a scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships: This scholarship is for the student pursuing a Master’s and Ph.D. This scholarship covers all your tuition fees along with living allowance and travel expenses.

Saltire Scholarships: It is available for the student pursuing Masters. The worth of this scholarship is around 8,200 GBP

The Australia Foundation Trust: This scholarship is available for the student pursuing a bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. It provides a scholarship worth 10,251 GBP.

Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarships: This scholarship for students pursuing Master’s/PhD in the UK. The scholarship cover travel allowance along with a worth of 8,710 GBP

Some other scholarships you can explore in the UK are China- Great Scholarships, BAFTA Scholarships, Inlaks Scholarships and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I study in the UK for free?

Yes! You can explore the scholarship options, and if you meet the eligibility criteria, you can study in the UK for free.

Q. Is it worth studying in the UK in 2021?

Yes! The UK has top-ranking institutions worldwide with the best research infrastructure. You won’t regret your decision to study in the UK, and it will lead you to a brighter future.

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