Universities, Living Costs, and Admissions

France is part of one of the largest countries in Europe. It is one of the modern countries with its cuisines and wines, France has great pride in its appearance and clothing. However, there is one more thing France is famous for, and that is its academic reputation. Although the territory is quite expensive and extremely busy still the education facilities are on cloud nine. This is why most of the students preferred to go to France for higher studies. So if your goal is to get your education completed in the peaceful country of France, read more to collect all the information about the country.

Why Study in France?  

The prestigious academic system, which stands among the top universities all over the globe, makes a reason for choosing France for postgraduate schooling or undergraduate schooling. Further, students looking for courses in commercial fashion brands or marketing luxury goods can choose France. So let us look at some reasons why France is the most preferred destination for every student:

  • The education reputation

The academic standing of France is very popular in most countries. Therefore, students from all over the globe apply for their studies in France.

  • Availability of courses

France offers professional and technical degrees in almost all disciplines. However, most understudies prefer to pursue their education in bachelors and masters from France because of their numerous courses.

  • Globally Reputed and well known universities

France is home of universities which are globally recognised for their education quality. However, these high-ranked universities impart practical knowledge rather than theoretical learning. Hence the students who pass out from these high-ranked universities get a job rapidly.

  • Easy application

Applying for master’s degrees for higher education is simple in France. You fill the application quickly through the Universities online portal.

  • Education Expense & Living

The education & living expenses in France are affordable. Further, the course of housing and food for entertainment is shallow. If we compare from the USA the price of surviving is hugely better.

Top Universities

Universities Location
Institute supérieur d’electronique de Paris Paris
SKEMA Business school Paris
Esigelec graduate school Rouen
Rennes School of Business Rennes
NEOMA business school Rouen


These are the prominent and top-notch colleges in France. All these universities have a global reputation. They make the student highly capable of coping up in every situation in the corporate world.

Courses to Choose for Study in France

Although most of the courses are available in France, the most popular ones are as follows:

  • Information technology
  • Fashion management
  • Culinary art
  • Luxury and brand marketing
  • International business
  • Tourism management
  • Hospitality

What Are the Requirements to Study in France: Exams Qualifications

For bachelors the exams are are as follows:

  • SAT- Scholastic aptitude test
  • ACT- American college test

English proficiency


Masters education exams are as follows:

  • GRE
  • GMAT

English proficiency

  • PTE- Pearson Language Test
  • Duolingo Test

Is it Cheaper to study in France?

The tuition fee of France is usually less than in countries like the USA. The government of france provides many help in form of is subsidy for the students pursuing higher education in the country . In addition, the tuition fee for international students is covered by scholarships. However, some universities charge higher fees than others, and it also depends upon the student’s nationality. Let us see the fee structure for different countries :

European students
  • Engineering: 600 Euro per year
  • Master: 245 Euro per year
  • Bachelor: 165 Euro per year
  • Doctorate: 370 Euro per year
Other students

The fees of other Nations students are different. The tuition fee are as mentioned below:

  • Master: 3650 Euro per year
  • Doctorate: 350 Euro per year
  • Bachelor: 2800 Euro per year

The details mentioned above are the average cost for students who are not citizens of any European countries. However, there are some other universities who charge more fees as they are autonomous universities. Also, the tuition fee of private institutions is high than public institutions.


You can find various scholarship programs available for the international students in most of the prestigious universities in France. Further, the universities offered are as follows:

  1. Science PO undergraduate scholarship
  2. University Paris masters degree scholarship
  3. D. programs scholarships at Paris- Saclay
  4. HEC Paris MBA scholarship
  5. Ecole normale Superiore masters degree scholarship
  6. Masters degree scholarship at Paris Dauphine University
  7. INSEAD MBA scholarship

You can get some other scholarships as well, and the details about them will be available on the websites of specific colleges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is France cheap for International students?

A: Yes, it is not as costly as studying in the USA. You might get different subsidies so that the education cost becomes affordable. Hence, learning in France becomes less expensive.

Q: Which courses are popular in France?

A: The universities in france provide you wide options of courses to choose from. However, some of the most popular courses are luxury and brand marketing, international business, tourism, and fashion management. These are the most prominent courses offered in France.

Q: How much does it cost to study in France?

A: The average expense for studying in France for students with European nationality is 170-600 euros per annum. Students from different countries range between 380 -3700 euros per annum depending upon the course and universities.

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