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If your ambition is to succeed and have a brighter future choose Norway. Norway is a beautiful and highly reputed country. Its education system, its nature, its standard of life, its environment and everything is famous all over the globe. So one can say Norway is a country with utmost career opportunities.

Is Norway Good for International Students?

Students must be thinking that Norway is the best place to complete education. Let us see some of the reasons.

High-quality education

  1. Although Norway is a small country but has some top institutions, the quality of education and career possibility is maximum in Norway.
  2. Teachers of Norway are amicable and informal with the students. It is the reason why they are called proficient and capable of developing students’ futures.
  3. Thus, we can remark that for the best education, turn to the north.


  1. The language of Norway is English which is familiar to most of the understudies.
  2. The English speaking abilities increase consequently when understudies concentrate in Norway.
  3. The aspirants need not learn any other language for communication because the people of Norway speak and write quality English.


  1. Those who want peace of mind can study in Norway. What’s more, Norway gives excellent occasions and outlandish areas.
  2. The nature of Norway is extraordinarily calm and beautiful. The fresh air, space, and water give a very calming impression on children’s minds.
  3. It helps the international students in releasing their stress of mind, and hence better outcomes are received.

Free Learning

  1. With high-quality education, Norway also provides free education to the understudies.
  2. Economic and social background do not matter the cost of education. The fees of institutions are meager and readily available.
  3. The Government of Norway is making changes in education every passing day.

Standard Society

  1. The deep-rooted equality of Norway society is via both tradition and government. Therefore, the community is getting modern every passing day.
  2. Therefore, students benefit not only in educational terms but also modern types of equipment and facilities.
  3. Further, the living standards and safety are also secured when you live in Norway.

Best universities

Norway has one of the most reputed and top-notch universities. These universities stand out globally. These are:

  • University of Bergen
  • Norway University of innovation and science
  • Norway University of Life science
  • University of Oslo
  • Stavanger University
  • UTI the Arctic University.

These are the topmost universities that are of high rank academically.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Norway?

The tuition fees can cost a considerable part of your budget. Norway is a costly country; subsequently, the schooling cost is high. The government of Norway funds the public institution, and they do not charge any other fees.

Private organizations charge high for their degree program offered to the students. On the other hand, various nations charge lower than Norway for their certificate programs.

Part-time Work Opportunity

International students can pursue their education and can join part-time work in Norway. Norway is an expensive country. Thus getting your education completed becomes very costly. Hence, a part-time job becomes the best way to earn the cost of living.

Although the Government of Norway does not allow understudies to work, if students have a study permit, they can also work part-time.

Can I Study Norway for Free: Scholarships

Numerous foundations provide funds to international understudies so that they can complete their education in Norway. However, there are different organizations. Therefore, it depends upon the understudy. The various kinds are as follows:

  • Trade Iceland grant program
  • Fulbright Grant grants for understudies and researchers
  • Versatility award for language and composing
  • American Scandinavian association grant
  • Norway America affiliation
  • Sons of Norway transport
  • Node + exchange
  • The legislature of Canada grant
  • Norway in the Russian grant program

These are a portion of the grant programs offered to understudies in Norway. Other grant programs are also available online at different universities’ websites. These are some of the scholarship programs offered to students in Norway. Aspirants need to check the scholarship programs available on the online portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q . Can foreigners study for free in Norway?

A: If you are studying in a public institution in Norway, then your tuition fees are paid by the government in a private institution. Therefore, the costs are high compared to other countries.

Q . Is Norway a perfect study location?

A: Norway has been awarded for its quality education. Further, the critical exceptionally sound qualities in understudies. Thus it’s anything but a phenomenal area for learning.

Q . Is the average cost for essential items in Norway high?

A: Norway is a costly spot. Their lifestyle and cost of living standards are very high. You need to be affluent if you want to live in Norway.

Q . Could global understudies read free of charge in Norway?

A: The government pays the fees of colleges and tuition fees; hence they are free. However, maintaining a budget of living is challenging as the cost of living is high. Therefore, you must have your pockets full before coming to Norway.

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