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Newzealand has now become the most preferred destination for international students. The country is being ranked second on the Global Peace Index, making it one of the safest study destinations. The country is growing progressively picturesque landscapes to education and excellence. Newzealand is one of the most common growing choices among Indian students, and over 30,000 Indian students are pursuing higher education from New Zealand Universities.

Is New Zealand a Good Place to Study :Why Study in New-Zealand?

The country Newzealand gives various reasons you can consider while choosing New Zealand as your higher education study destination. Safety and the country’s peace index top this list; here are some other factors that are considered essential for students planning to move abroad.

  • Globally Reputed Institutions in Academics & Excellence
  • Internationally Recognized Qualifications
  • Excellent Pedagogy
  • Quality Control
  • Employability
  • More Scope for Aspirants pursuing Doctorate

Some points need to keep in Mind:

  • Visa Acceptance rate: 85%
  • Average study Cost: 20,000 to 25,000 NZD
  • Minimum TOEFL score: 79 IBT
  • Minimum IELTS score: 5.5

List of Universities to Study in New Zealand

  1. The University of Auckland
  2. University of Otago
  3. Victoria University of Wellington
  4. University of Canterbury
  5. University of Waikato
  6. Massey University
  7. Lincoln University
  8. Auckland University of Technology

Courses to Choose for Study in New- Zealand

  1. Bachelor of commerce
  2. Engineering (computer science)
  3. Bachelor of science
  4. Bachelors of arts
  5. Bachelor of nursing
  6. BBA
  7. Bachelor of aviation
  8. Bachelor agriculture
  9. Bachelor of construction project management
  10. Masters in data science
  11. Master of public health
  12. Masters of computer science
  13. Masters of business information system
  14. Master in tourism management

 Step by Step Application Procedure to Study in New Zealand

Here we are providing you with step by step procedure for the application process to get admission in Newzealand:

  • language Proficiency Test Score- Aspirants must have to submit proof of IELTS/TOEFL scores to gain admission
  • Transcripts/certificates of completion of education along with mark sheet
  • For a course like MBA, you need to submit GMAT test scores.
  • No, any standard test is taken for the aspirants going for UG programs
  • For a more extended stay in New Zealand, you need Student Visa
  • College acceptance letter

You will need all the documents mentioned above to pursue higher education in Newzealand.

Is it Cheap to Study in NZ :How Much Does it Cost to Study in the New-Zealand?

During your student visa application process, you need to submit proof of your financial stability. Mostly you need to prove that the aspirants have funds around 15,000 NZD for your first year. For a short course duration, they ask you to show financial proof of 1200 NZD each month.

  • Bachelors Course: 32,000 NZD/annum
  • Masters course: 35,000 NZD/annum
  • Accommodation: 550 to 680 NZD/week for a 3BHK apartment in Auckland.
  • Food: Weekly costs spent by a student on food are:
    • Auckland- 71 NZD
    • Wellington- 68 NZD
    • Christchurch- 70 NZD
    • Dunedin- 68 NZD
  • Transport Expenses 80 NZD.
  • Recreation & Culture: 64 NZD

Scholarships to Study in New Zealand

There are various scholarship programs available for students who have good merit or competitive academic scores. If you can’t get the scholarship while working, you can go for part-time jobs while studying. The student visa allows you to work for 20 hrs in a week during your studies if you are pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. degree from Newzealand then work full-time during the course duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the studies in the New Zealand Requirements?

A: Here is the list of required documents to study in the New Zealand

  • Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendation- 2 to 3
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proof of Funds
  • Student’s Visa
Q: Can I Study for Free in Newzealand?

A: Yes! the government of Newzealand provides students with the opportunity to study for free. You have to meet specific eligibility criteria to get training with no charges equivalent to one year or two-year.

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