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Do you want to study in Europe but you cannot go to that place because of the higher cost of living? Then Lithuania is a place made for you. Although Lithuania is a minor territory, it is full of organizations with an excellent academic reputation. In addition, you can explore Europe during your studies, because Lithuania is in the center of Northern Europe. This article will find all information about Lithuania Universities, the cost of living, tuition fees, and more.

Why Study in Lithuania?

Students choose Lithuania due to many reasons, some of them are as follows:

Excellent institutions

Several excellent organizations in Lithuania provide students with high-quality learning and create opportunities. In addition, these universities also offer students with operational skills that enable them to adapt to different environments. Also, the universities have a global reputation that stands for the migration of understudies to Lithuania.

Literacy rate

With the excellent education, Lithuania’s literacy rate is also very high. People above 15 years old have a 100% literacy rate, which is a shocking number. Not many countries have a 100% literacy rate in any age group. But this small country has a positive literacy rate which attracts students.


The people are also very welcoming and generous. Its history, music, and cultural heritage are all definitive. There are many dance and music festivals which happen till today as well. The food is also full of flavors and according to the seasons. Therefore it appears very welcoming to the understudies.


The education in Lithuania is affordable for the students outside. However, if you compare with countries like the USA, Lithuania has a shallow cost of living. Therefore, instruction expenses and convenience charges are a reason for the students to move toward Lithuania. Moreover, most understudies need to get quality schooling on a low spending plan; thus, they incline toward Lithuania.

These are the reasons for choosing Lithuania to get your education completed.

Is Lithuania Good for Education: The Education System

For international students, the environment is amiable and warm. In addition, Lithuania follows the traditional education system formed around the 16th century. However, it is effective.

If you are looking for a doctorate, time depends on your institution and discipline. The grading system of Lithuania is also pretty peculiar. For instance, ten is called puikiai, which means excellent. 9 is Labai gerai which means very good. The average scores are 5, called silpnai.

Visa Information & Requirements

Requirements for a visa of Lithuania as follows:

  • Valid passport
  • Payroll for economic resources
  • Health insurance of the understudy
  • Flight details
  • Accommodation arrangement and address details
  • Admission letter of the university
  • Passport size photo
  • An ID proof

These are the documents that are required if you want to take the Visa to Lithuania. Hence, one can say Lithuania is a worthwhile place to complete your ambitions.

Popular Courses in Lithuania

A wide variety of course options are available in Lithuania. Some of them are as follows:

  • Master of Engineering in Environment
  • Bachelors in governance
  • Masters in psychology business
  • Phonetics courses
  • Quantitative economics, also called BA
  • Deeptech entrepreneurship
  • Nanotechnology courses
  • Masters in informatics
  • Society courses
  • Bachelors in digital content

These are some of the famous courses which understudies pursue in Lithuania.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Lithuania?

Cost of Living

Understudies can spend up to a sum of 900 Euros per month. On average the expenditure stands at between 300 to 900 Euro per month. There are many discounts and offers by which students can minimize the cost of living. The rent of rooms is between 90 to 300 euro. Hence, students choose to study and live in Lithuania. Also, this is why most of them find it a more affordable and budget-friendly spot.

Is Studying in Lithuania Free: Scholarships

The Government of Lithuania performs completely free scholarships. However, students need to fulfill specific requirements of the government. Students can get grants in both public and private colleges of Lithuania. The scholarships available are as follows:

  • Transitional study grant
  • Full-time master study scholarships
  • Fullbright scholarship
  • Erasmus program grant

These are the various kinds of scholarships available, which you need to check from the website of particular institutions. Different foundations fund these scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is studying in Lithuania affordable?

A: Studying in Lithuania is often affordable, and the cost of living is also meager. Further, for understudies, there are unique offers and advantages accessible mainly. Consequently, understudies regularly relocate to Lithuania.

Q: Would an individual be ready to get Lithuanian citizenship?

A: Lithuanian identity law works on some guidelines. People who claim Lithuanian parentage, either through guardians, grandparents, or incredible grandparents, may guarantee Lithuanian nationality. You will get citizenship temporarily.

Q: Is the education quality of Lithuania perfect?

A: Yes, the education quality is perfect. It is high quality with a medium budget. Further, most of the universities in Lithuania are of high quality. Thus, it is an ideal place for getting your ambitions completed. So studying in Lithuania would be an appropriate choice.

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